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Sassy Shaggy-Ended A Line Bob Haircut

Below Chin Sassy A Line Bob HaircutThis Cute Cropped Below Chin Shaggy Ended Sassy A Line Bob Haircut is adorable and simple.  The Length is cut just below the chin, and Textured so the ends appear shaggy instead of Blunt.  A Blunt cut would give the bottom a Thicker more “Classic” look, while the Shaggy ends give the style a more “Edgy” look.  Beveled, Textured Layers are cut along the bottom of the outer edges.  Easy to style and maintain.  This Bob Hairstyle is one that could air-dry and still look fantastic.

TO STYLE:  Apply a Mousse Product to damp, clean hair and Blow-dry using a Vent Brush, slightly turn the ends under and you dry. You could also apply product and just use your fingers as you dry, directing the hair forward.  Air-drying with a Styling Mousse will also work with this style, just brush your hair when completely dry and style should fall into place.  Having a Shaggy end will help the ends to turn under without much effort.  Use a Hairspray to finish and hold.  This is a really cute Bob Hairstyle for someone that doesn’t spend much time styling, or prefer a carefree Hairstyle.


Long Length Layered Semi Shag Haircut Picture

Long Length Layered Shag Haircut PictureThis cute Long Length Shag Hairstyle is cut past the shoulders and Layered throughout the interior.  Layers are cut shorter towards the top and a Short Bang is swept over to the side, giving this Hairstyle the “Shag Look.”  It also has some Face-Framing along the sides, giving this style softness around the face.

To Style:  Apply a Smoothing Serum to damp hair and Blow-dry smooth.  When Hair is Completely dry use a flat iron to smooth and polish if necessary.

Long Length Face Framed Haircut Picture With Bang

Long Length Face Framed Haircut Picture With BangThis Medium Length Hairstyle is Easy to Style but looks so stylish.  Length is cut below the shoulders and Long Layers are cut throughout the interior.  A Full Blunt Bang is cut across the front, just below the eyebrows.  The sides are framed along the face from the Bang down to the Length.  The dark Burgundy Color with Red Highlights makes this Simple hairstyle really stand out from the rest.

To Style:  Apply a Smoothing Serum to clean damp hair and Blow-dry with a paddle brush turning the ends under as you blow-dry.  Use the same technique when drying the bang area.  Use a Flat Iron to smooth and polish if necessary.  This is a very easy Haircut to maintain and style.

Edgy Red Long Length Layered Haircut

Edgy Red Long Length Layered HaircutThis Sassy Fiery Red Long Length Hairstyle has a Shag “Look” to it.  The Length is well past the shoulders, but the Top Layers are cut fairly short compared to the Length, giving this Hairstyle the Modified Shag Look.  A Texturizing Razor is Typically used to “Slice” in shorter layers around the face, crown or interior.  A Long, Heavy, angled-to-the-side Bang is cut across the Front.  The Fiery Red Color gives this Edgy Layered Hairstyle Shine and Dimension.

TO STYLE:  Apply a Smoothing Products to clean, damp hair.  Blow-dry hair forward and over to one side starting at the crown.  Blow-dry the back in a downward motion against the head, until completely dry.  Use a Flat-Iron to Smooth and Polish or Flip the Hair, if necessary, then finish with a Light-hold Hairspray.

Short Red Funky Razored Haircut

Razored Red HaircutThis Short Razored Sassy Hairstyle is super cute.  The Length is Short, but the hair still covers the ears, so the sides can be tucked behind the ears.  Choppy Layers are cut throughout the interior.  The layers gradually taper down towards the back and sides.  The top Layers are cut Longer and Shaggy.  The Contrast in the Hair color, and the Choppy Layers gives this Hairstyle it’s Sassy Look.  Easy to maintain and style.

TO STYLE:  Apply a Volumizing Product to clean, damp hair and Blow-dry the hair with your fingers, directing the hair where you want it to go.  When completely dry warm up some Wax or Pomade in your hands.  Use your Fingertips with the Warm Wax or Pomade to Piece-Out Strands of hair and add lift to the top.  This Hairstyle is meant to be messy, so you won’t need to spend too much time styling this Sassy Short Haircut.

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