Herbs for Hair & Beauty

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Aloe Vera: Derived from the aloe plant, aloe vera is found in a variety of skin care products including cosmetics, lotions, moisturizers, sunburn gels and sunscreens. It helps soothe skin injuries including burns, irritations, cuts and insect bites, helps moisturize and soften the skin and helps speed healing of skin injuries and wounds.

Biotin: Also referred to as vitamin H, it’s widely used in cosmetics hair products. Biotin is an essential nutrient that has been found to help reverse hair loss and graying hair. One of the most visable symptoms of deficiency of biotin is the thinning of hair which can lead to total hair loss, Biotin also supports nail health in combating brittle nails.

Burdock Root: Promotes hair growth and reduces hair from falling out.

Catnip: Promotes new hair growth.

Chamomile: Has a variety of cosmetic and medicinal uses. This herb can be used as a face was to clarify your complexion and as a rinse to lighten fair hair.

Dandelion: Who knew that the root of this little yellow flower is one of the most effective detoxifying herbs? It cures pimples and skin spots and has many therapeutic benefits for skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

Elder: Soothes burns and it is also said that a balm of elder flowers will keep crow’s feet away.

Fo-Ti: Known to help minimize hair loss, it is also used as a rejuvenating herb for the hair and to restore your hairs natural color.

Frankincense: An excellent moisturizing oil, it helps reduce the visibility of scars and blemishes. It is good for dry, wrinkled and mature skin.

Gelatin: A rich source of protein, gelatin helps fortify the hair shaft and nourish fingernails.

Henna: Used to condition hair and as a hair dye, it detangles and provides strength, body and a healthy shine to hair.

Horsetail: This herb contains high amounts of silica and and promotes healthy skin, hair and nails.

Jasmine: Derived from the jasmine flower, jasmine is found in many cosmetics, soaps and perfumes. Jasmine oil can be applied externally to soften and smooth skin.

Lanolin: Well known for its moisturizing effects, lanolin is a main ingredient in many skincare products.

Lavender: This herb has many uses including scenting bath water and as a tea. Applied topically, lavender can soothe and protect sunburned skin.

Rose: Rich in vitamin E, rose has a long history of skincare remedies and is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, sensitive or aging skins. Make sure you use only authentic rose oil, or rosewater, which is a less expensive alternative.

Rosehip: It contains properties for skin rejuvenation and quick healing. When used regularly it can help reduce wrinkles and lines, as a remedy for sun damaged skin and to reduce scars.

Rosemary: Another popular herb used in cooking, rosemary is found in many commercial shampoos and is well known as a scalp tonic, adding luster to hair. It also keeps the skin free from wrinkles.

Sage: This common kitchen herb is not only used in cooking and in medicine, it also has many health benefits. It helps protect weak hair, is used to treat baldness and acts as a tonic.

Stevia: This herb is commonly used as a sweetener, but has benefits for your skin as well. It is used to enhance the skin’s appearance, to heal acne and other blemishes as well as provide relief for skin disorders including dermatitis and eczema. It has also been reported to heal cuts and scratches quickly without scarring.

Walnut oil: High in linoleic acid, walnut oil helps regenerate, rejuvenate and moisturize dry, damaged skin.

Ylang Ylang: Also known as Canaga oil, it’s used to balance moisture and reduce oiliness of your skin. It’s good for all skin types, including combination skin. It is also used to protect hair from environmental damage and as a treatment for split ends.


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