What Is Your Perfect Haircut?

It has taken years and a lot of really bad haircuts to finally find one that fits my face shape, body type and hair texture. So what is the best looking haircut for you? For me it is short, if my hair gets too long it starts to look shaggy and unkempt. I have cow-licks, so I need a style that works with them not against them.

So what’s the best haircut for you? To understand this, you have to start with some basic ground rules. For the most part these apply to everyone, but remember there is always an exception to the rule. There are quite a few hair products out there that will help you get the finish you want, but not many that will help you with the style, and a bad haircut just makes it worse.

Remember Every One is Different

There are basic lengths that will work for most men and women. Men are easy short hair looks clean and professional. Women are a little bit trickier. Short hair is cute but not everyone can pull it off. Long hair is classic but most women find it annoying. The average women these days likes medium length hair, it is easy to style and very versatile. It can be worn many ways and looks great in many situations, from the board room to soccer practice.

Rules for Long Hair

Here are some basic rules for long hair. If you are 5’3 or shorter long hair is not for you unless you want to be mistaken for a 14 year old for the rest of your life. If you have a long narrow face long hair will not be flattering for you. People who look great in long hair are thinner than average and have round or full faces. If you have a friend with really long hair, like down to their lower back, encourage them to get it cut and donate it to locks of love. Not even Marilyn Monroe could have pulled off hair that long.


Short hair has a variety of different meanings. Anywhere from a buzz cut to ear length is considered short. The hard thing is figuring out what is too short for you. Here are some things you need to think about, your facial features such as eyes, nose, smile, face shape, height and body style. The only tricky thing about this equation is your height and body style. If you are over 5’9 you want to stay away from really short hair, it will bring out your masculine features. If you have a round face short hair can amplify it causing it to stand out. Ladies a round face is beautiful, but if you have one you should wear your hair shoulder length or longer. Short hair helps bring out the eyes and smile.

Hair Texture

Every ones hair is different, i have thick oily hair. That means I have to style my hair every day to get the style i want. If i don’t wash my hair daily it looks like it is trying to leap off of my head in every direction. Here are some general hair textures wavy, oily, thin, curls, thick, and dry just to name a few. In general if you have thin, lifeless hair a short cut will give it body. The thicker or curlier your hair is the longer you can wear it, the weight of the hair keeps it from frizzing up. Only women with straight hair should even attempt bangs. If you have thin or thick hair that is board straight then layering will give it life, body and bounce.

Forehead or Fivehead

If you have a small forehead bangs will make it look smaller so shy away from them, if you absolutely need them, keep them small. If you have a large forehead try side swept or partial bangs. You don’t want to cover it completely just make it work for you.

Working with Mother Nature

Work with your hair, for example if you have a cow-lick that goes from left to right on your head than that’s the way you need to comb your hair. If you try to fight against it you will not win. So work with you have it is much easier, faster and your hair will thank you.

Just remember everyone is different, something that works for a friend might not work for you. If you keep these basic rules in mind the next time you want to change up your style a bit it will make it a lot easier.



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